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Monday, April 16, 2012

Car Painter App Lets You Design Custom Paint Jobs

We’ve all thought about a custom paint job on our car, especially if the vehicle in question is a hot rod. But paint’s expensive, and before proceeding with the project, wouldn’t it be nice to see what it would look like? Maybe even try out more than one idea?

Thanks to Digital Car Painter, a new app for the iPhone/iPad, you can do exactly that. Put out by Bestapp Digital Enterprises Ltd. of Surrey, BC, this fun app lets you try different designs. Even better, it actually uses the colours from DuPont’s Hot Hues paint line, designed for hot rods.

Al Beix, President of Bestapp Digital, is obviously a gearhead. Talking about the evolution of Digital Car Painter, he said “This app came about as a direct result of my looking for an app to work out what colour(s) and possible paint scheme I might use on a '33 Ford hot rod I plan to build next year. In looking for such an app, I concluded that with hundreds of thousands of apps on the market, there is not one that specifically does this.”

Courtesy of and copyright by Bestapp Digital Enterprises Ltd.
The basic app is a free download from the Apple Store (you can also find a link on the Digital Car Painter website). If you want the more complete version, which lets you save, e-mail, post to Facebook, and access the paint colour codes, it’ll run you $1.99. I figure you can have enough fun playing with it that even if you never paint your ride, you’ll certainly get more than your money’s worth.

Check out the Digital Car Painter in action in the following YouTube video.


  1. Is there an android version?

  2. I've emailed the company to find out. I'll post anything I learn here.

  3. Apparently there will be an Android version, but there's no date set for it yet.

  4. I tried looking it up in the app store, but no matches came up. It's called Digital Car Painter??

  5. Try "Digital Car Paint" as that seems to work.

  6. app store digi paint I think it is called, free download but vehicles are like 99c

  7. Cool little app if you want to paint a 1932 Whosamajig. But if you want to paint a 1969 Camaro or any other car that normal people have, you'll have to pay through an in app purchase.

  8. There is now a Windows PC version available from lets you use your own photographs. Works with anything that can be photographed.

    1. Thanks for the update. I've blogged about it here:

  9. digital car paint is a scam. offers you a 1 week free trial then when you download it and try to use it nothing works unless you buy a lifetime lic to use first. I hate liars like

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