Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Future Fords to Be Made from Money?

Parts of them might be, according to Ford. The rising price of oil doesn’t just affect us at the pump, it can affect the price of new vehicles too. That’s because the average vehicle contains 300 pounds or so of plastic, traditionally made from petroleum products. As a result, Ford and other manufacturers have been looking for alternative materials. One of those might be shredded US greenbacks.

According to Ford’s global director of Sustainability and Vehicle Environmental matters John Viera, “Ford has a long history of developing green technologies because it’s the right thing to do from an environmental perspective. Now, finding alternative sources for materials is becoming imperative as petroleum prices continue to rise and traditional, less sustainable materials become more expensive. The potential to reuse some of the country’s paper currency once it has been taken out of circulation is a great example of the kind of research we are doing.”

While I suspect some of that is just marketing bumph, I don’t doubt Ford’s desire to look green and economize. Saving money by using money seems a bit bizarre on the surface, but it could actually make sense. Ford claims that something like 8-10,000 pounds of retired currency get shredded on a daily basis, with the resulting product currently being burned or buried. Ford is considering the currency as a component of interior trays and bins. Assuming their research pans out, it could be a win-win situation. Less non-renewable resources being used in manufacturing, plus using a waste product that would otherwise go to the dump.

Courtesy Ford Motor Company

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