Friday, April 20, 2012

Tour Munich in a Classic or Vintage BMW

Courtesy BMW Group

If you’re going to be in Germany between now and October, you might want to take advantage of a city tour offered by the BMW Museum. On certain days they offer three-hour chauffeured tours (nope, you don’t get to drive yourself, but do you really blame them?) of Munich in a vintage or classic BMW.

It gets better. The tour starts at the BMW Museum, and drives into the BMW plant where you can watch the 3 Series coming off the lines. You also get a tour of BMW Group’s historic vehicle collection, a stop for a snack, and then a drive through the older parts of Munich. Next you get to check out a BMW showroom, before returning to the Museum, where you get a certificate of participation, a gift box, and a guided tour of the Museum itself. Sweet.

The price is €120.00 per person. Possible vehicles include the BMW 326 and 335 convertibles from the 1930s (weather permitting) and the BMW 502. You can find more information on the museum website.

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