Tuesday, April 17, 2012

XLR8 Makes Your Daily Driver Sound Like Your Dream Car

Courtesy 2XL Games
Most of us drive pretty boring cars. After all, when you have to haul the kids to soccer practice, pick up groceries, or take the extended family on vacation, practicality wins, especially on a limited budget. Secretly, though, we’d all rather have something more exotic. That’s where XLR8 comes in. It’s an app for your Android, iPhone, iPod or iPad that makes your car sound like a supercar.

Have to admit I love the concept. It’s almost enough to make me actually invest in an iPhone, just so I could try it. The app uses the accelerometers and GPS inside your phone to produce the appropriate engine sounds (recorded from real engines) in response to your driving. Plug your phone into your car stereo, choose the car you want, and vroom!

There are five different supercars available. The basic app, for 99₵, is the Classic V8 Muscle Car. Additional engine sounds that can be bought are a Lamborghini, a Ferrari, a NASCAR engine, or a Ford GT40. It’s also possible to buy the Engine Four Pack which unlocks them all for $4.99.

“Like every lifetime car aficionado out there, the sound of a well-tuned racing engine has always been better than music to my ears,” said Robb Rinard, Creative Director, 2XL Games. “That is how the idea for XLR8 got started. I wanted to make some of the magic of driving an exotic car accessible to car lovers like me. XLR8 helps satisfy every big and little kid’s dream of tearing up the track.”

You can also put the app into manual mode. It will then respond to the phone/iPad being moved and tilted—one way to entertain the kids while you’re stuck in traffic.

You can download the Apple version here and the Android version here.

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