Thursday, May 3, 2012

Interview with Roger Allard: Part Two

Allard JX2 Mark II courtesy of Allard Motor Works

Once Roger Allard got back home, he started researching Allards. He discovered someone in San Diego who was building an Allard kit car (among others), and went to see him. The man was in poor health and had sold off most of his cars and equipment, but had hung on to the JX2 because it was his favorite. He contacted Allard by email two months later and offered to sell him his Allard stuff even though he knew he didn’t have any money. There were two others interested, but he wanted Allard to have the car, especially given the family name. He gave Allard 90 days to decide.

Fortunately, Allard knew the guys up the street at SLP Performance. At the time, they were working on Camaros and Firebirds for GM. So Allard had them do a due diligence on the car. It checked out, so he decided to take the plunge.

He went down to Arizona, where the molds and jigs were being stored in a warehouse, to make the necessary arrangements. A Canadian trucker from Nova Scotia took the load back up to Canada to be stored in a warehouse up there. Shortly after Allard got a call from the warehouse owner, saying the warehouse had been hit by lightning and everything went up in flames except the Allard material. Ironic, given that the original Allard factory had gone up in flames at the time of Sydney Allard’s death.

Allard JX2 Mark II courtesy of Allard Motor Works
Allard incorporated in 1999 and set to work. He decided the car should be done right, should be a quality custom car, not a kit car, so he had the whole thing re-engineered. All the kit car molds and material were destroyed. He had two prototypes built and thoroughly tested. The first production model was sold in October 2008.

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