Thursday, May 31, 2012

Shelby Mustangs Featured at Leake Auction Company’s Upcoming Auction

1968 Shelby GT500KR courtesy of Leake Auction Company

There’s been a lot of coverage of Carroll Shelby’s life and career over the last few weeks. He did a lot of different things but will probably be best-remembered for his cars. According to Richard Sevenoaks, the president of Leake Auction Company, “Carroll Shelby transcends generations and his name is synonymous with muscle cars. There is not a guy out there who does not lust after a Shelby.” There’s a few of us girls who wouldn’t mind getting our mitts on one either.
1968 Shelby GT500KR courtesy of Leake Auction Company

Here’s our chance. The Leake Auction Company will have several on the block at their 40th annual collector car auction to be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma, June 8 through 10. If you’re in the neighbourhood, it might be worth going just to look at the cars. Regular admission is only $15.
1968 Shelby GT500KR courtesy of Leake Auction Company

Apart from this gorgeous 1968 Shelby GT500KR convertible in white, there are also two more Shelbys from 1968, a GT350 Fastback and a GT500 fastback, both in gold. Looking for a more modern GT? They’re offering a 2006 Shelby GT-Herz and a 2007 Shelby GT, both in black, as well as three 2008 GT500s, two convertibles and one fastback, plus a couple of 2011s.

You can find out more about the auction, and the other vehicles for sale, on their website.

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