Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hello, Fisker Karma. Welcome to my Virtual Garage

2012 Fisker Karma by Kate Tompkins
Got an invitation to the opening of a Fisker dealership here in Montreal. Since I knew it was the sort of thing that would go over well in my other car column (, and I’ve never seen a Fisker close up, of course I said yes.

I assumed it was just an event for the press, but since Fisker of Montreal shares premises with a Rolls-Royce dealer, I figured I should dress more upscale than my usual car show attire of jeans and a Cruisin’ the Dub T-shirt. Glad I did. From a block away, I could see several men in black T-shirts reading “valet parking.” That, and the red carpet (yes, really) leading to the door clued me in that this was a classy affair. Turned out most of the guests were potential customers rather than auto journalists. Yes, it’s easy to tell the difference, even for those not sporting a heavy camera. Journalists, at least here in Montreal, don’t dress very well. The other guests, however, were dressed very well indeed.
2012 Fisker Karma by Kate Tompkins

Despite that, they didn’t shine as much as the cars. There was a row of Fiskers parked outside and another two cars in the showroom. Beautiful cars, gorgeous lines, really sporty looking. I thought the cockpit and back seat looked a bit cramped, since the console runs from the front right through to the back, but the seats certainly looked comfortable. Fortunately I got there fairly early, while it was still possible to get a clear shot of the cars without several people standing in front of them.
2012 Fisker Karma by Kate Tompkins

Haven’t had a chance to drive one yet, but I’ll definitely be reporting back if I do. Certainly can’t afford to buy one—they run over $100,000—but I’m moving one into my virtual garage. Black, I think. Definitely black.

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