Friday, June 1, 2012

Samsung Transportation Museum Part Fifteen: Last of the First Floor Cars

1933 Bugatti Type 49 by Kate Tompkins

Only one more car from the first floor to discuss before we venture up to the second floor to look at an exhibition on race cars and another on American chrome.

1933 Bugatti Type 49 Profilée Coupe
1933 Bugatti Type 49 by Kate Tompkins

Bugattis are always special and have also always been very expensive. According to Motorbase, the Type 49 came in four different body types (coupe, tourer, saloon and cabriolet), and each of those could come with different bodies, depending on who did the coachwork. They say 470 Type 49s were produced between 1931 and 1934, which by Bugatti standards makes this a fairly common car.

While the Type 49 was meant to be a touring car rather than a race car, they can still run into six figures at auction. You can find more information on the early eight-cylinder Bugattis on Wikipedia. It seems the design didn’t change much between 1922 (the Type 30) and 1934 (Type 49). Then again, why mess with perfection?
1933 Bugatti Type 49 by Kate Tompkins

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