Monday, July 23, 2012

Spotted: 1955 Packard Caribbean

1955 Packard Caribbean by Kate Tompkins

One of the cars on my “life list” is a Packard Caribbean convertible, but I never expected to see one since I don’t live anywhere near California and Packard only made them for four years (1953 to 1956). Not a lot of them were built over those four years, either. Wikipedia claims 750 for 1953, 400 in 1954, 500 in 1955, and 276 in 1956, Packard’s last year of production in Detroit.
1955 Packard Caribbean by Kate Tompkins

I was at a local show on the weekend, taking pictures of a Ford Crestliner Sunliner, when I heard a woman say “Caribbean.” Couldn’t be, I thought, but looked up anyway. And sure, enough, two cars over, there it was. This particular one is a beautiful two-tone in white and blue. Nice blue interior. Too bad it was parked in the shade, as the photos don’t really do it justice.
1955 Packard Caribbean by Kate Tompkins

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