Wednesday, August 1, 2012

60 Ferrari F40s Parade at Silverstone

Ferrari F40s
Photo courtesy Silverstone Classic

The Silverstone Classic, held each year at the Silverstone track in Northhamptonshire, England, is the world’s biggest classic motor racing festival. Of course, since it’s held in England, most of us are unlikely to see it, but fortunately their press office is good about sending out photos so we can experience it vicariously. At last year’s Classic, they broke the world record for the most E-Type Jaguars on parade, in honour of the E-Type’s 50th birthday.

60 scarlet stallions at Silverstone Classic
 made for world's biggest ever gathering of Ferrari F40s.
Photo courtesy Silverstone Classic.
This year it was Ferrari’s turn to be in the spotlight, for another world record. The Ferrari F40 turned 25 this year and 60 of them showed up to drive the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit on July 22. Believe it or not, they do come in colours other than red, but you’d be hard pressed to find one. Certainly there are none in the Silverstone parade photos.

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