Wednesday, August 1, 2012

For Sale: Willie Nelson’s Tour Bus

American singer/songwriter Willie Nelson's
 tour bus will be offered to bidders during
 Auctions America by RM's Auburn Fall auction.
 SOURCE Auctions America by RM

Seems that one of the celebrity vehicles slated for Auctions America’s upcoming Labor Day Weekend sale in Auburn, Indiana, is country singer Willie Nelson’s tour bus. The bus in question, named “Honeysuckle Rose,” is a 1986 Eagle I motor coach and was used by the star from 1986 to 1999.

Looking to take your own garage band on the road again? Or maybe you’d like to create some serious envy in your neighbours the next time you’re camping at a country music jamboree. You can check out the details in the video. The bus will sleep six and is very nicely equipped. It’s estimated it will go for $60-80,000. You can find out more on the visit website.


  1. R&M has issued a correction to their original press release. The bus is named "Me and Paul," not "Honeysuckle Rose," and was used by Willie Nelson's band. I still think it would make a great camper.

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