Monday, September 3, 2012

KITT Replica for Sale

Back in the ‘80s, when Knight Rider was on TV, I couldn’t have cared less about David Hasselhoff. It was the car I wanted. Now I find out that if I only had £30,000 or so, I could own KITT, or at least a very nice replica. Not just any replica, either. This one is apparently so good that it’s been hired many times, including by David Hasselhoff himself.

It’s not just the car that’s being sold, it’s the car hire business that goes with it. Ha! Like I would let anyone else get their grubby little hands on KITT once he was safely in my garage.

Sorry, no photos to accompany this article, though you can find them on the businessforsale page, together with information on how to make them an offer. If the link only brings up the main page, ask it to show you all countries, and then check “unique” under type of business.

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