Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bond’s Best Car

If you were to survey James Bond film fans as to which of the various cars appearing in the movies was their favourite, what would they pick? Total Car Score recently ran a Facebook survey to determine exactly that. They let participants choose from a list of 10 cars covering the franchise’s history. You can see pictures of the various car models (some of the photos show the actual movie cars) in this article by their editor-in-chief Karl Brauer.

If you picked the Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger, you weren’t alone. The survey said 55% of the votes were for this car, with two other Aston Martins, the DBS from Quantum of Solace and the Vanquish from Die Another Day, coming in at second and third place. And no wonder. “Based on the opinions of those we surveyed on Facebook, it seems the Aston Martin DB5 has everything that makes a Bond car a Bond car,” said Brauer. “Early vehicles, like Dr. No's Sunbeam Alpine, didn't diminish 007's image, yet the Aston Martin DB5 that debuted in Goldfinger set a new standard that has yet to be eclipsed. The DB5's sleek profile can stand on its own, but throw in oil jets, machine guns and an ejector seat and you're left with a Bond icon so powerful they've brought it back for the modern movies.”

Check it out in the attached RM Auction video, posted in September 2010 for their October Automobiles of London sale, where it went for £2,912,000 ($4,608,531).



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