Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mopar Headed to SEMA

Possibly the most interesting car show in North America for new cars is the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show held each fall in Las Vegas. That’s where all the cool aftermarket bits and pieces you can use to tweak your ride can be found. Unfortunately, most of us Jane and Joe Averages will never get to see it, but many of the exhibiters are generous with details. Chrysler Group held a press conference last Friday to show off some of the toys they’ll be taking to this year’s show, which runs from October 30 to November 2.

They’ve used 500 plus Mopar parts and accessories to deck out 24 Chrysler Group vehicles. Only eight were on display Friday. Here are my favourites from among them.

The Jeep Wrangler Sand Trooper is one of 24 custom vehicles
that Mopar will bring to the 2012 Specialty Equipment
 Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas.
 Courtesy and copyright Chrysler Group LLC.
 Jeep Wrangler Sand Trooper

Too bad they’re only teasing us with a drawing—I assume the real thing will be ready for SEMA. Anyway, this monster uses the 5.7 liter HEMI® V-8 conversion kit, to give 375 hp and 410 lb-ft of torque. It’s been boosted with front and rear portal axles, and rides on 42-inch Super Swamper Bogger tires. Other goodies include a skid plate, LED off-road lights, a CB radio, and a trailside winch kit. They’ve even added a trunk. Looks like a lot of fun, but with those half doors, it’s obviously not designed for winter. Too bad.

Fiat 500 Beach Cruiser

Courtesy and copyright Chrysler Group LLC.
Courtesy and copyright Chrysler Group LLC.
Heh. They’ve widened the body by a foot, added fender flares, teak wood trim on the floor and roof rack, and even a matching surfboard. The seats come with beach towel inserts, and there’s the obligatory hula girl on the dash. They’ve also thrown in performance and handling upgrades. All it needs now is an eight-track and a supply of Beach Boys albums to play in it. Where can I sign up for surfing lessons?

Dodge Charger Juiced

Take a Dodge Charger and add a Viper V-10 Mopar crate engine. Oh yeah! Add a Mopar lowering kit, front chin spoiler, and performance prototype hood, plus metallic Copperhead paint. Yum.
Courtesy and copyright Chrysler Group LLC.

SRT Viper

I saved the best for last. Thought the Viper was perfect already? Mopar has replaced several parts with carbon fiber versions, making the Viper lighter. Mopar springs boost suspension performance. Lots of yellow accents and polished chrome and aluminum make it pretty. There’s an optional front tow hook, in case you accidentally go off-roading.

Like the Jeep, this is only a drawing, but I'm assuming they'll have a live Viper on the SEMA floor.
Courtesy and copyright Chrysler Group LLC.

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