Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Three Great Hot Rod Websites

1934 Ford Roadster by Kate Tompkins

I’ve noticed more hot rods out at shows the last few years. I know I like to look at them, and I can’t be the only one. Since the show season’s pretty much over up here, I thought I’d post a few websites where you can get your fix over the next several months.

Not only do they put out a great hard copy magazine (also available as a digital subscription), there’s lots of content on their website as well, including web only features. There are photos from lots of different shows, including last year’s Fleetwood Country Cruize In, a show I’d love to get to. Not so happy about the photos of the SEMA girls—the only eye candy I want to see is cars, thanks. Check out the videos as well, they cover projects as well as shows. Lots of links to other clubs, as well. If you like them on Facebook, you’ll get occasional updates, with pictures, from whatever show they’re currently at or project they’re working on.

This site has a different emphasis, being more about racing than about the building and showing of hot rods. Here you can find profiles of hot rod legends, together with photos, many of them historic. There’s a featured Photo of the Day and Part of the Week (it’s under Cool Stuff), and even a list of movies featuring hot rods.

Like Canadian Hot Rods, HOT ROD has both a digital and hard copy presence. There are lots of articles on cars and tech, and you can even search for cars by make. You’ll also find coverage of events such as the HOT ROD power tour and HOT ROD drag week. They also do a weekly radio broadcast, accessible from the web page. There doesn’t seem to be a specific photo section, but you can find lots to look at under Reader’s Rides.

Know any other great hot rod sites I should add to this list?

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