Tuesday, November 13, 2012

1931 Duesenberg Racing Engine

Back in June, I’d talked about a 1931 Leon Duray Indy 500 race car I’d seen at the Samsung Transportation Museum in South Korea. A few days ago, an anonymous reader commented that the engine for this car was for sale on eBay. Sure enough, there was a 1931 Duesenberg V16 racing engine that ended up selling for $77,000. If you check out the link, you can see lots of photos of it.

I doubt it’s the engine from the museum—everything there was beautifully restored. But then I’m not sure the museum’s car isn’t a replica. I also don’t know if Duray’s 1931 Indy car had a Duesenberg engine. It’s listed as a Stevens / Duray 2C on Racing-Reference, and apparently failed to finish due to overheating. Race-Database also lists the engine as a Duray, though I suspect that means he may have modified it, not built it. Still, the Duesenberg is a rare engine. Thanks to my anonymous commenter for drawing it to my attention.

It seems Leon Duray did have a connection with a 1931 Duesenberg, but it wasn’t a race car—it was a Model J. It’s not known if Duray actually owned the car, but he certainly drove it. You can find the whole story at Hemmings Classic Car.

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