Thursday, December 20, 2012

New and Improved Digital Car Painter

One of my most popular posts was about the Digital Car Painter iPhone/iPad app produced by BC-based Bestapp Digital Enterprises Ltd. Apparently, the app itself is quite popular with the hot rod community, too, but they’ve also provided a lot of feedback.

According to Bestapp’s president Al Beix, a lot of that feedback concerned the limited number of vehicles built in to the app’s library. He explains that “When we built the app we realized that it would be impossible to include the millions of vehicle models that have been produced since the 1930s so we opted to include vehicles with shapes that represented what was available in each decade. What we did not anticipate was the worldwide appeal of the app and as a result folks in Europe, Asia, and Australia for example found the app lacking for their vehicles.”

The solution? Giving users the chance, for a small fee, to add photos of their own car using a “Custom Cars” button. The basic app is free, although there are small fees for the various add-ons. You can check it out at Digital Car Painter.

[SOURCE: Bestapp Digital Enterprises Ltd.]

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