Wednesday, January 2, 2013

1969 Chevrolet Yenko Camaro Coupe on the Block

1969 Chevrolet Yenko Camaro Coupe
courtesy of Russo and Steele

Figured I might as well continue my coverage of some of the feature vehicles at the upcoming (January 16-20) Russo and Steele Scottsdale auction. So today’s car is a 1969 Yenko Camaro in Fathom Green, VIN 124379N616132. Got to admit I really like the colour and the striping.

There’s a lot of other things to like about this car. It’s been fully restored by Flying “A” Restoration in Omaha, Nebraska, using all GM parts, many of them NOS. According to Frank Payne, who was the owner of the shop at the time, there was very little bodywork needed as not much rust was present. He said the only missing major component was the engine (the original distributor and alternator were present), which had been replaced with a 512 short block out of a 1969 Corvette, since rebuilt with new parts. The CX Turbo 400 is original, as is the Dual Gate Hurst shifter and the Stewart Warner gauges.

Not surprisingly, the Camaro’s done well on the show circuit since its restoration, winning Outstanding Restored at World of Wheels and Top Gun ad Vettefest. Payne says it’s been confirmed to be an original Yenko by Ed Cuneen of the COPO Connection. You can check it or any other Yenko out at, where you’ll find all the Yenko serial numbers posted. They’re not in numerical order, so you’ll have to scroll down a bit, but it is there.

Note, the site does say that it’s possible for people to fake numbers, so if you’re looking to buy a “genuine” Yenko from an unknown vendor, do look for more confirmation before clinching the deal.


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