Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gorgeous 2013 SRT Viper Video

I’d meant to continue my series of blogs on the cars at Beaulieu today, but YouTube thought I might like the video I’ve posted below, and they were right. Can’t go wrong with Ralph Gilles demonstrating the Viper.

Looks like there’s more Viper goodness on SupercarHall’s YouTube channel, along with other great cars like the Porsche 911, or the 2013 Mercedes SLS AMG GT, alongside its ancestor, the 1955 300 SLR. ‘scuse me, I’ve got videos to watch.

February 2014: Aaargh! As so often happens with YouTube, the videos are no longer available. You can find some good car videos on Motor Trend's website, however, and with any luck they'll be around for a while.

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