Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Classic Cars at Beaulieu: Part One

1949 Jowett Javelin at Beaulieu
by Kate Tompkins
Must be time to continue my catalog of great cars at Beaulieu, England’s National Motor Museum. We’d left off with the vintage cars or cars produced between the wars. Next come the classics. Immediately after the Second World War, England was building a lot of small sports cars for export, to help boost their economy. I’m not sure the first car in my list falls into that category, however.

1949 Jowett Javelin

A check on Wikipedia shows the Javelin was only available as a saloon and, at 14 feet long, definitely doesn’t fall into the “sporty” category—the Jowett Jupiter on the other hand…. Appearances can be deceptive however, because the Javelin’s four-cylinder engine was capable of driving the car at 76 mph. More surprising still, it did well in rallies, picking up a first in class in the 1949 Monte Carlo Rally, and another at the 1952 International RAC Rally.
1949 Jowett Javelin at Beaulieu
by Kate Tompkins
It was only built from 1947 to 1953, and only 23,000 or so were produced, making it a relatively rare car. The North American JowettRegister only knows of five or possibly six in North America and three of those are in Canada.

While the Javelin looks old-fashioned now, it was considered quite modern at the time.

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