Tuesday, April 9, 2013

National Motor Museum: Vintage Cars, Part 3

Here’s the last of the vintage or “between the wars” cars that caught my attention on my visit to Beaulieu.

1935 Auburn 851 speedster
by Kate Tompkins
First we have a 1935 Auburn 851 speedster. According to the museum’s list of vehicles, it’s not currently on display, so I was lucky to see it. The plaque beside it says that like all Auburns it was tested to ensure it would exceed 100 mph. It’s noted to belong to the Montagu Collection, so I wonder if this was one of the current Earl’s father’s cars that formed the core of the collection.

The plaque also says that this car may have appeared with Marlene Dietrich in the 1936 film Desire (the film also stars Gary Cooper as an auto mechanic who stops her from trying to fix the engine with a hammer). It’s a stunner, isn’t it? Whether or not it’s the same car, you can see photos of the car from Desire on the Internet Movie Cars Database.

1938 Hillman Minx "Magnificent"
by Kate Tompkins
Finally, we have a 1938 Hillman Minx “Magnificent,” a popular British saloon car (Britspeak for sedan). “Magnificent” seems a bit of an overstatement for what looks like a very ordinary car, but the Minx was a successful marque for Hillman, who made them right up to 1967 (Wikipedia). According to Wikipedia, Hillman was part of the Rootes Group, perhaps better known for the Sunbeam Tiger.

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