Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mercedes S Class Wagon Concept

There used to be lots of station wagons on the road when I was a kid, complete with fake wood panels, but since the invention of the minivan and the SUV, they’ve become increasingly rarer. Just not cool. However, a group of Italian students at design house Studiotorino recently came up with a “shooting brake” concept car based on the Mercedes SL. Before you decide that’s total sacrilege, take a look at the photos on emercedesbenz. I think they may be on to something. Okay, maybe not for you and me, but for the people that can afford to drive the Porsche Cayenne or a Range Rover. I’m certainly giving it space in the virtual garage.

Prefer something North American? How about Callaway’s take on a family-sized Corvette as described here in autoblog? I’m not making room for that one, but your mileage may vary.

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