Thursday, July 25, 2013

Spotted: Nissan Figaro

1991 Nissan Figaro
Photo by Thomas Tompkins
On a trip to the UK last February, my husband and I spotted what looked like a classic convertible parked near the British Museum. Naturally we went over for a closer look to see what it was. On discovering it was a Nissan, I was rather confused, as back in the time it looked like it was built (late 50s, early 60s), they were still known as Datsuns. So as soon as we got to our restaurant, we googled it.

Thanks to Wikipedia, my confusion was resolved. Turns out it was a more modern car (built in 1991) with a deliberately retro look. It does come with modern conveniences, however, including AC and a CD player. Only 20,000 were built, which makes it a rather rare car, especially outside of Japan. In fact, according to both Wikipedia and UK dealership site figs4u (check it out for more info or if you’re looking to buy), the original would be purchasers had to win a lottery to buy one.

The Figaro was built for the Japanese market, but several ended up in the UK. They originally came in four colours, pale aqua, lapis grey, emerald (pale green), and topaz mist. figs4u will also sell you one repainted in Barbie pink. You might want to check out the video posted below first (part of a Fifth Gear episode), telling you what to look for when buying one.

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