Thursday, September 19, 2013

2013 Targa Newfoundland: Day Three

Seems there’s been more than one team that’s had to switch cars and classes in order to continue this year. I already discussed Hiscott and Cline Abrahams, who are now driving a Toyota in the Open class. In addition, father and daughter team Don and Skye Sawyer left the road in their Mini Cooper on leg one. With no rally car to compete with, they grabbed the family Volkswagen and joined the Fast Tour. Brunner and Laitenberg had a problem with their Mustang on leg three. No problem. They found another Mustang and also joined the Fast Tour.

Leg three started in the Bonavista Peninsula, a first for Targa Newfoundland, and took in the communities of Lethbridge, Brooklyn, Trinity, Goose Cove, New Bonaventure, Port Rexton, and Clarenville. Seems a moose delayed start-up at Goose Cove, but that’s Newfoundland for you. After all the dust had settled, here’s where the teams ended up.


Gill and Didcock are still leading, with a three second time penalty. Rogers and Strupp are still in second, but nearly six minutes behind. Wiltshire and Wiltshire’s Porsche 911 is now third, with Brunner and Laitenberg in fourth with a time of 13:19.


Aweida and and Aweida continue to lead, quite an accomplishment for their first Targa Newfoundland. Hume and Bartleet are one minute behind. Mepham and Solecki are another 12 seconds behind them. The Oldfords, who had been hoping for a third trip to the podium after last year’s disappointment, are out with an engine failure. They deserved better luck.


Davenport and Benson still have the lead at 16 seconds penalty, but the next two teams aren’t far behind. Atkinson and Tarrant are sitting at 1:25 and Hiscott and Cline Abrahams are a mere four seconds behind.

Grand Touring

While everyone now has time penalties, the first four teams are within six seconds of each other. That would be MacMullen and Russell with a total score of 2 seconds, Riddell and DeLange with 3 seconds, McDonald and Fuller at 4, and Bartlett and Picco at 8. Still very much anyone’s race.

Just today and tomorrow before this year’s Targa wraps up.


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