Wednesday, September 18, 2013

2013 Targa Newfoundland: Day Two

For leg two (Exploits Valley) of this year’s Targa Newfoundland, there were 29 cars lined up at the start of the first stage. That’s one more than Monday. Looks like the Watermans, in their 2002 Subaru WRX were somehow left off yesterday’s start list, though the Open list does show them.

Some of the stages passed through on Tuesday were Appleton, Point Leamington, Bobby’s Cove, Pleasantview, and Glover’s Harbour. Regrettably, the stages in Gander had to be dropped as it was getting too late in the day to run them safely.


There were no changes in the division standings, with Gill and Didcock still ahead by 10 seconds and Rogers and Strupp in second. The third Ford, that of Brunner and Laitenberg, is still 5:08 out of first, but Wiltshire and Wiltshire have lost time and are now 7:03 behind.


All 11 cars completed leg two, but the teams are now spread out more. In first place, still with no time penalties, are both Aweida and Aweida and Oldford and Oldford. Two seconds behind are Rittenhouse and Semrad, with Hartling and Proudfoot another two seconds behind them.


While all 8 cars from leg one went on to complete leg two, Bergeron and Kirby, who were leading, are having trouble with a blown piston and may not be able to continue. They’re currently sitting in sixth place. Davenport and Benson are currently at the top, with a one second penalty, and Hiscott and Cline 15 seconds behind them with their second car, the Toyota Corolla, having had to dump the Evo for engine problems. In third are Atkinson and Tarrant.

Grand Touring

All seven cars finished leg two, and the same four teams are still sitting in first, with no time penalties.


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