Monday, September 2, 2013

Wrap Your Ford Fiesta in Bacon

Bacon-wrapped Ford Fiesta. (PRNewsFoto/Ford Motor Company)
Nope, not the latest anti-rust trick, but a new way to customize your ride. It seems that last Saturday (August 31) was International Bacon Day. To celebrate, Ford showed off one of their 2014 Fiestas sporting custom exterior vinyl wraps from Ford Custom Graphics. The Fiesta in the photo is covered in 10 strips of bacon, but there are other items on the menu. You can take away Bacon Racing Strips for your hood, or display a Side of Bacon over the rear wheel.

Don’t drive a Fiesta? They do have graphics for other Ford vehicles. There are also other designs, though they seem lacking in sizzle beside the bacon wraps. But if consumers show a taste for bacon, could cheeseburger or donut wraps be far away?

[SOURCE Ford Motor Company]

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