Thursday, October 31, 2013

BMW’s Armoured Concept Car

BMW X5 Security Plus concept car
Photo courtesy BMW Group
Glad I’m not in the category of people who need something like this, but if you are, you might want to take a look at BMW’s X5 Security Plus, presented at last month’s Frankfurt International Motor Show. Seems this is the third generation of security cars based on the BMW X5, so evidently there is a market.

According to BMW Group’s press release, the X5 Security Plus offers “all-round protection against violent assault, kidnapping and organised crime.” That means it will protect you from an AK-47, thanks to high-performance steel, sealed joints, and security glass. All of this while still being quite driveable. It has all-wheel drive with a 450 hp V8 TwinPower Turbo to give it guts.

If you don’t need something quite that powerful, but are worried about street crime, BMW also offers the X5 Security, built with that in mind. Because both of these cars are designed from the ground up by BMW, rather than having a third party retrofit them, the security systems and the extra weight of the armouring have been taken into account when dealing with other vehicle systems such as braking. BMW also has driver training programmes for the security vehicles.

One security feature that may not be immediately obvious is the fact that the vehicles don’t look noticeably different from the non-security models on the outside. That does make a lot of sense. BMW says they’re just as comfortable as the regular models, too. I’d love a chance to test-drive both versions.

You can find more information (together with info on BMW police cars) in their Authority Vehicles brochure.


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