Monday, October 14, 2013

Coolest Golf Cart Ever

Hammacher Schlemmer's Golf Cart Hovercraft
Courtesy Hammacher Schlemmer
I don’t even play golf, but I still think Hammacher Schlemmer’s Golf Cart Hovercraft is seriously cool. Okay, for the purchase price of $58,000 you could buy a pretty decent car, but would it be able to take you over a sand trap and across a pond? It has a 65-hp engine and will do a top speed of 45 mph at 9” off the ground. It’s tough enough to carry four passengers and two golf bags, and meets US Coast Guard standards. It has a lift-up roof and even comes with its own trailer. And, yes, us Canadians can order it too, it’s even duty free.

[SOURCE: Hammacher Schlemmer]

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