Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pink Floyd Drummer Nick Mason Tackles London to Brighton Veteran Car Run

Nick Mason and his 1901 Panhard
Courtesy Royal Automobile Club
This November 3 Nick Mason will be taking on the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run in his 1901 5-litre Panhard. And not for the first time, either. He actually bought the car from an American museum specifically to compete in the 60 mile run. “It sounds bizarre getting up at the crack of dawn on what’s usually a really rather cold November morning but it’s great to run these old cars,” explains Mason. “It’s a real thrill to get these old machines working and to get them down to Brighton.”

He’s enthusiastic about his Panhard. “It’s actually a very good ‘old’ car with some very advanced things for the period such as a steering wheel rather than a tiller! It’s also got a big engine and is terrific in terms of power considering its age. It was almost certainly originally built as a race car. Consequently, when other people are struggling up the hills, on a good day we can have five passengers aboard and just go for it.”

How many times has he done just that? “I think we’ve now finished 17 out of 20 times. We actually had a couple of failures earlier on mainly due to punctures and a faulty wheel but once we sorted that the car has been pretty reliable, touch wood.”

[SOURCE: Royal Automobile Club]

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