Friday, October 25, 2013

Social Media Analysis Suggests Consumers Value Comfort over Safety

Back in September,, a company that offers consumers vehicle service extended warranty contracts, released the results of their analysis of 1,500 Facebook and Twitter comments that dealt with auto repairs. While it’s no surprise that people were discussing delaying repairs—after all, they’re usually expensive and not something we’ve budgeted for—the types of repairs they discussed delaying might surprise you. Or not, since I hinted at it in the headline.

Of the various delayed repairs discussed, 18% were about safety, 13% about performance, and 7% about technology or electronics. The most common safety-related repairs discussed had to do with brakes, steering, and suspension. Certainly things I’d want fixed pronto, but that’s not what their analysis found. People were more interested in fixing the GPS, A/C or sound system. According to’s CEO and founder, Russ Carpel, “Our claims administrators are not at all surprised to see this type of sentiment, as many of them witnessed this type of service priority in many repair facilities throughout the country. People can’t live without their air conditioning, but they will find every way to delay making payments for a suspension system.”

Yikes. I doubt things are much different on this side of the border. I can see living with bad shocks, but is the DVD player really more important than the brakes? What do you think?


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