Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Can’t Wait a Year for a Custom-Built Batmobile? How About a DIY Gotham Roadster?

Earlier this week I wrote about the replica Batmobiles available through Hammacher Schlemmer. They’re seriously cool but not exactly cheap and there’s a long build time. I can’t guarantee the build time would be any shorter, but if you’re a hands-on type, you might want to check out the ’66 Gotham Roadster kits available through Batrodz.

You will need a donor car on which to build your Gotham Roadster. Batrodz suggests using a 1973-1979 Lincoln continental town car. Failing that, you need a car with a 127” wheel base. You then buy a Level #1 or Level #2 kit (some of the assembly has been done on the Level #2) and follow the directions in the assembly manual. The body is hand laid fibreglass. The Level #1 kit will run you $6,500 (not including shipping), the Level #2 kit is another $1,500 on top of that.

Kits include all the various body parts, front and rear Plexiglas canopy, and even a rear turbine tube.

And if there’s more space in your garage, they also have kits for a ’66 Gotham Cycle.

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