Friday, March 28, 2014

Classics at Beaulieu: 1970 TVR Vixen S3

1970 TVR Vixen S3
Photo by Kate Tompkins
If you like your British sports cars hand-built and rare, this Vixen S3 at the National Motor Museum fits the bill nicely. According to its information plaque, the Vixen S1 was introduced in 1967, followed by the S2 in 1968. The S3 was only made from October 1970 to April 1972, and only 168 were produced.

Under that fibre-glass body is a 4-cylinder Ford Capri GT engine capable of 86 bhp at 5,500 rpm. The asking price when new was £1,245, but that was in component form—you still had to put it together. This one’s been rebuilt by its current owner and looks pretty good. Today’s price? I saw one online for just under £20,000 pounds.

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