Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Do It Yourself Auto Chip and Scratch Repair

Touchup Paint Pens
Photo courtesy Automotive Touchup
Had a press release come across my desk recently for car paint in a pen, and while I haven’t tried the product yet myself {the thought of touching the car with sandpaper terrifies me), I thought I’d pass the information on for those who might be interested.

The products are called Touchup Paint Pens, and they’re put out by Automotive Touchup. Basically, you go to their website, put in your year, make and model, and find the right paint for your vehicle—they say they can match 60,000 original factory colours. I was easily able to find the one I would need, but was also able to find paint for a 1942 Chevy, and a 1955 Volkswagen.

Order one each of Primer Paint Pen (if you’re down to bare metal), Basecoat Paint Pen (that’s the one that matches your vehicle) and High Gloss Clearcoat Paint Pen. Once the pens arrive, follow the directions on the website. They have lots of example videos you can watch, too.

If you’re dealing with something larger than chips and scratches, Automotive Touchup also offers touch-up bottles and spray paint cans.

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