Monday, March 31, 2014

Lyonheart Production Update

Lyonheart K
Photo courtesy Lyonheart Cars Ltd.
Those of you who’ve got one on order already know, but for the rest of us, seems production on the Lyonheart K will be delayed. According to a press release from last month—yes, I’m a bit behind—the Lyonheart K, originally slated to be produced sometime this year or the first half of next year, will be another six to twelve months late.

According to management, they’ve decided to look for a new base vehicle in order to incorporate new technology. CEO Robert Palm said, "We believe it is far more important for our customers to be taking advantage of the most recent developments in automotive technology, especially in this price range, than being able to receive their car earlier. The Lyonheart K has a timeless design, which will remain identical in spite of the structural changes on the car."

In the interim, they’re still taking orders. Even though I won’t be buying any of the planned run of 250 cars, I hope they do end up building them. Gotta admit, their increasingly vague production schedule makes me a little uneasy.


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