Monday, March 3, 2014

Own Your Own Batmobile

Photo courtesy Hammacher Schlemmer
When I was a kid, I thought TV’s Batmobile was pretty cool. Actually, I still do. So I was intrigued when I saw that Hammacher Schlemmer was offering replica Batmobiles for sale. Officially licensed, roadworthy replicas. Sigh.

They’re built on a Lincoln chassis, appropriately enough (the original TV Batmobile was a Lincoln concept car modified by George Barris). Under the hood is a 383 Blueprint Crate engine which puts out 430 hp. I don’t know if the original had an automatic transmission, but this one does. It also has all kinds of cool stuff found on the original (not all of it functional), including a propane tank in the rear that gives the illusion of the original’s atomic afterburn. There’s a video on the Hammacher Schlemmerpage where you can see it in action.

Hammacher Schlemmer are careful to note that while the original Batmobile had no rearview mirrors, this one comes with clamp-on side mirrors to make it street legal, and also has a rear video camera. I’m sure Batman would approve.

The price is $200,000 which seems reasonable, all things considered. You can’t have it in a hurry, though, as each one takes almost a year to build. Guess that would allow time to modify the garage into a Batcave. Hmm.


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