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Friday, March 21, 2014

Subaru Incentives for 2014 Targa Newfoundland Competitors and Staff

Thinking about taking part in this year’s Targa Newfoundland? You might want to drive or lease a Subaru.

Why? Earlier this year, Subaru Canada’s Brian Hyland, Director, After Sales, announced an incentive program for competitors, their immediate families, and Targa event staff. It’s a pretty sweet program, too, and makes sense, since Subaru’s been involved one way or another with the Targa Newfoundland since the beginning. Including not just Subaru-driving competitors but event staff is a nice touch.

Here are the details from the official press release:

  • Participants and/or any immediate family member (mother, father, spouse, son or daughter) who purchase or lease a new Subaru from January 1 – December 31, 2014 will be eligible for a $750.00 rebate. This rebate is also being made available to the Targa event staff. 
  • Participants who use any model of Subaru for entry into any of the 4 main categories within Targa Newfoundland (Open, Modern, Classic, Grand Touring) will receive a $500.00 Entrant Award which goes towards their entry fee.
  • Performance awards are also included in the program. These would apply towards Subaru entrants in any of the 4 competition categories: Open, Modern, Classic and Grand Touring.  A Subaru that achieves first place in any of the categories will receive a cash award of $2,000.00, second place $1,500.00 and third place $1,000.00.

[SOURCE: Newfoundland International Motorsports Limited]

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