Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Spotted: Jaguar 420G

Jaguar 420G
Photo by J. Tompkins
Saw this at a garage in my neighbourhood. Looks like it needs some work—among other things, the hood ornament’s missing, but could make someone a very nice car indeed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before, which isn’t surprising because according to Wikipedia they only made 5,763 of them (from 1966 to 1970). It’s the successor to the Mark X, though it was more of a renaming than a redesign. There were a few minor changes to the appearance (moving the clock to the centre of the dashboard, for example), and air conditioning was offered as an option.

This four-door sedan was large for a Jag, and it was meant to be a luxury touring car for the American market. There’s a good articleonline, (originally from the January 2013 issue of Motor Trend) with lots of photos, that talks about the 420G, and why it didn’t succeed. It’s not that it was a bad car—quite the opposite—but it was smaller, and I’m guessing more expensive, than the North American built luxury cars of the time.

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