Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Winner of World’s Most Traffic-Congested City Is?

Surprisingly, not Los Angeles, which actually placed 9th in the 4th annual global traffic index recently released by TomTom. It’s actually Moscow. Something else which may surprise you is the finding that shortcuts to avoid traffic generally make the commute longer by as much as 50%. Seems congestion is even worse on secondary roads. Even more depressing, according to their press release, “commuters around the world are spending, on average, eight working days a year stuck in traffic.” Sure glad I work from home.

Here’s their list of the top ten most congested cities in 2013, compiled by comparing travel times in peak and non-peak hours for passenger vehicles.

  1.   Moscow             74%
  2.   Istanbul              62%
  3.   Rio de Janeiro    55%
  4.   Mexico City       54%
  5.   São Paulo          46%
  6.   Palermo             39%
  7.   Warsaw             39%
  8.   Rome                 37%
  9.   Los Angeles       36%
  10.   Dublin                35%

If you’d like to see a more detailed list for just the Americas, you can download it at It gives numbers for morning and evening traffic, highways and non-highways, for 63 large cities, and even has detailed charts on which parts of the week are best/worst and what the average delay per hour driven is during the peak period. Montreal, for example, ranks 13th out of 63, with a congestion level of 26% and a 78 hour delay per year for a 30 minute commute. And nope, LA doesn’t make the top of the Americas list either, coming in at 4th. That dubious honour goes to Rio de Janeiro.

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