Monday, July 7, 2014

Spotted: Campagna Motors V13R

Campagna Motors V13R
Photo by Kate Tompkins
We were enroute to Ottawa the other day when we saw something unusual on a trailer in front of us. Dug out my pocket video camera and took a few photos—this is the best of the lot. We knew it was a three-wheeler, could see a C on the nose, but couldn’t get a close enough shot to actually read the badge. Not without tailgating, anyhow, and we didn’t want to do that.

So I did an online search when I got home and discovered what we’d seen was a Campagna Motors V13R, made right here in Quebec (Boucherville to be exact). Jay Leno took one for a spin back in 2012. I’ve embedded the video below, but in case it disappears, there’s a link here.

It is indeed a three-wheeler (two in front, one in the back) with room for two. The company website describes it as “the Roadster with Attitude,” which seems apt. Its powerhouse is a Harley-Davidson® Liquid-cooled Revolution® 60° V-Twin engine which puts out 122 horsepower and 84 pounds of torque. With a weight of only 1156 pounds, it should have great power and mileage. It has a five-speed transmission and, unlike many three-wheelers, has a reverse gear.

At only 42 inches, it is seriously low to the ground (clearance of 4.5 inches, so not built for off-roading). Would be interesting for touring though if you like to travel light. There is a small cargo bin, plus a 46 litre side bag mounted on each side of the back wheel.

Hmm. I wants one. Need to make more room in the virtual garage.


  1. Way too cool! Jay Leno looks like he is having a lot of fun.


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