Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Grand Prix Trois-Rivieres Starts This Thursday

Photo courtesy FIA World Rallycross
Championship Media Office
Okay, it’s not a classic car event, but what’s not to like? And this year, the 45th edition of the GP3R (August 7-10) will not only be running the Grand Prix (NASCAR Canadian Tire and Canadian Touring Car), the first ever FIA World Rallycross event to be held outside Europe will also be running (Friday, August 8). The website is HERE if you’re looking for details on tickets and scheduling. Can’t go? They also have live web streaming.

Among other things, that means that fans will have a chance to see Jacques Villeneuve in action. Twice. “It's always a pleasure to race in Quebec, and I’m delighted that I not only get the chance to race the Supercar in World RX but also the Dodge Challenger in the NASCAR event,” explained Villeneuve. “Although it’s my home track, the rallycross configuration will be as new to me as will be to everyone else until the very first test on Thursday. I’m feeling quite confident ahead of the race and looking forward to driving in front of the enthusiastic home crowd.”

Not surprisingly, there will be also Subarus involved in the Rallycross. The Vermont-based Subaru Rally Team USA are putting in an entry with European Rallycross Champion Sverre Isachsen at the helm. After all, as team owner Lance Smith said, “World RX of Canada is nearly in our backyard and we saw it as a great opportunity to gain further experience while testing our mettle against another set of talented drivers and teams. Although ultimately built to a different series’ rule Sverre’s car was generally built around the FIA regulations, so it has not been too difficult for us to enter.”

There’s some more local talent, too. VW Marklund Motorsport is fielding four cars, one of which will be driven by Patrick Carpentier. “I already have butterflies and can't wait to try the Supercar,” said Carpentier, who admitted that he’s learnt a great deal about the sport since commentating on World RX for RDS.

Should be an exciting four days.

[SOURCE: FIA World Rallycross Championship Media Office]

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