Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Road Trip Along Quebec’s North Shore: Kegaska and the End of the Road

End of the Road
Photo by Kate Tompkins
After a morning walk on the beach, it was time to take the car and drive out to the end of Highway 138. The first few kilometres out of Natashquan were good paved road, but the pavement ended around kilometre 16 and we were faced with gravel. Pretty decent gravel for the most part, but it did have a tendency to roll in places so we had to keep the speed down. That and we really didn’t want a rock coming through the windshield.

There were very few other vehicles on the road, but we did run into a construction zone—like most of the ones on our trip, they were working on the culverts and bridges. In several places there were signs of a track beside the road, and we occasionally came across snowmobiles parked for the summer or neatly stacked wood.

Roadside Scenery
Photo by Kate Tompkins
While there were some treed areas, the trees were small and scrubby. Much of what we saw was flat and looked like tundra, with small pools everywhere. Despite that, we saw no wildlife with the exception of a few birds.

About an hour out of Natashquan, we reached Kegaska. It’s a small fishing village and apparently English speaking despite being deep in rural Quebec. There’s a small working harbour with a large dock, as a supply boat comes in there regularly. We’d originally thought we might take the boat at least partway back home (three days on board), but the passage for our car and us would have cost more than all the rest of the trip. There’s also a combination restaurant/grocery store in town, but as we had brought our lunch with us, we didn’t check it out.

Harbour at Kegaska
Photo by Kate Tompkins
The highway ends at the river, but it’s not actually the end of the road. There’s another road that runs along the river and apparently goes at least as far as the next village. Maybe someday.

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