Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Custom Made Slot Car Tracks

Slot Mods founder David Beattie stands in front of one of his 
handcrafted slot-car raceways. (PRNewsFoto/Slot Mods USA)
Every year Neiman Marcus puts out a Christmas catalogue full of stuff most of us could never afford. Doesn’t stop me from looking, though. There’s usually at least one car in there, or a pair of his and hers automobiles, but this year offers something different, a handcrafted slot car track by Slot Mods USA. Okay, it’ll cost you $300,000 and a six-month wait but check out the video of their version of the Watkins Glen track, at the LeMay Museum in Tacoma, Washington.

Actually, the catalogue price starts at a more affordable $75,000 (plus shipping and installation) for a 12 by 20 or 30 foot version of a legendary track, built to 1:32 scale, complete with guardrails, signs, grandstands, and even integrated cameras. The $300,000 Ultimate Slot Car Raceway not only includes the purchaser’s choice of track, but an inaugural race night party co-hosted by a racing legend.

It’s also possible to order a track directly from Slot Mods USA. And, coincidentally enough, there’s one being auctioned off later this week at Auctions America.

Hmm. Think I need a bigger basement.


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