Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Detroit Public Library’s Digital Collection of Historic Car Photos

Got a press release the other day announcing that the digital photo archive of the National Automotive History Collection at the Detroit Public Library is now available to the public online. They currently have more than 32,000 automotive photos, including a sub-collection of nearly 3,000 Packard photos. The National Automotive History Collection to which the photos belong “is the world's largest collection of literature, photographs and historic documentation about cars and trucks and the people and companies that produced them.”

According to Mark Bowden, coordinator of the library's Special Collections, “many of the library's digital automotive photos come from the Nathan Lazarnick Collection which is devoted to individual automobiles, motorsports events and drivers, auto shows and manufacturing facilities from the first quarter of the 20th century.”

I’ve definitely bookmarked this for future use, it looks like a fabulous resource, with pictures not just of the vehicles themselves, but also inside the assembly plants.

[SOURCE National Automotive History Collection]

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