Thursday, January 8, 2015

Rental Car Dilemma

One of the fun things about travelling is renting a car and getting to drive something different. So when my husband said we’d need to rent a car when we were down in Phoenix, I figured it was an opportunity to drive something extraordinary and sent him a rental website to look at. Later that day he told me he’d reserved us a Mustang convertible. Woo hoo!

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wanted a convertible. I was crushed in the 1970s when they temporarily stopped making them. I’ve never owned one, however, because we’ve never had more than one car, and we have to deal with winter. This was my chance!

Only trouble was, my experience with rental agencies is that you reserve one thing and then when you show up, they don’t have it and you end up with something else. Like a minivan. So when we got to the parking garage to pick up our as yet unidentified vehicle and saw the group in front of us picking up a minivan, with another one sitting behind it waiting to go, I was apprehensive.

Then the attendant says to us, “Do you still want that Ford Mustang convertible…”

Uh, oh, I thought. Here it comes.

“…or would you rather have a Camaro convertible?” Yes, really! We dithered back and forth for a few minutes and ended up taking the Mustang. And even though it never got above 60 degrees the week we had it, we did have the top down more than once (everyone must have known we were from out of state). Driving down the interstate with the sun shining, cactus in the foreground, and mountains in the background was fantastic. I’m still smiling.

The Mustang
Photo by Kate Tompkins

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