Saturday, February 7, 2015

Big Block Shelby Cobra Sells Out, New GT350R Mustang Coming

Shelby GT350R
Photo courtesy Business Wire
Back in January, I’d blogged about the Shelby American 50th Anniversary 427 Cobra, and said the 50 cars being made would probably go fast even though some assembly was required. And sure enough, they went in under 48 hours. But don’t despair.

While the limited edition is gone, there is other news from Shelby and Ford. They recently announced a limited production GT350R Mustang will be coming to Canada and the US this year. If you’re looking for a track ready, street legal car, this could be it. Among other things, the new Mustang will have carbon fibre wheels, specially tuned suspension and a flat-plane crankshaft naturally aspirated V8.

In order to keep it light, what it doesn’t have is air conditioning, rear seats, stereo, backup camera, or carpet. They’ve also removed the exhaust resonators, but I suspect that’s more for engine note than the claimed weight loss. The new GT350R is said to be weigh 130 pounds less than the Shelby GT350 Track Pack model.


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