Thursday, April 9, 2015

Historic Vehicle Association Adds First Mercedes-Benz Type 300 SL Sold in America to its National Historic Vehicle Register

Okay, you might be wondering why a German car has been added to an American list, but there’s definitely an American connection. In fact, without US Mercedes-Benz distributor Max Hoffman, the 300 SL would never have seen production. We might not have an SL class today.

This particular 1954 300 SL, serial number 198 040 4500003, was the first one sold in America, to Hoffman’s customer and racer Briggs Cunningham. He took it to the Watkins Glen Grand Prix Concours that year, where it took first in the sports car class. It wasn’t just pretty, though. It also had a career in racing and even hill climbing.

Watch the video for lots of great footage and a discussion of what makes the 300 SL so special—and no, it’s not just the gullwing doors. Among other things, it was the first car to have fuel injection. You can also find photos of the car HERE.

[SOURCE: Historic Vehicle Association]

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