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Model T Road Trip of the Century

July 17, 1915: The departure moment from the
Ford Farm. Clara B. Ford, Henry Ford, Horace J.
Caulkins Jr., Thomas C. Whitehead, Edsel B. Ford,
Robert T. Gray and Herbert V. Book.
(Photo courtesy Antique Automobile Club of America
Library/Historic Vehicle Association)
One hundred years ago, Edsel Ford and six of his friends thought it would be fun to drive a 1915 Model T Touring from the Ford farm near Dearborn, Michigan, to the Panama-Pacific International Exposition being held in San Francisco, some 3,500 miles.

This year, the Historic Vehicle Association (HVA) is following in his tire tracks. Using one of the souvenir albums Ford put together as a memento of his trip, the HVA and the Antique Automobile Club of America Library (AACAL) have put together a similar itinerary.

HVA President Mark Gessler and HVA Historian 
Casey Maxon stand with 1915 Model T Ford Touring at
Henry Ford Estate.
(Photo courtesy and copyright Historic Vehicle Association)
"The purpose of the trip is to elevate national awareness to the importance of our automotive heritage and how it helped shape American culture," said HVA President, Mark Gessler. "Over the last century the road trip became an expression of American lifestyle and the Ford Model T helped make it possible for most Americans.  With this trip, we hope to celebrate how it all began with developing roadways, the Model T and youthful adventure."

July 19, 1915: Ford Model T Touring, Horace J.
Caulkins Jr. (left) and Thomas C. Whitehead (right).
Edsel's diary note: "became stuck in mud 18 miles east
of St. Louis. Tackle and block failed to move it."
 (Photo courtesy AACA Library/Historic Vehicle Association)
Like Ford and his friends, they left the Henry Ford Estate on July 17, driving a similar 1915 Ford Model T Touring. Also like Ford, they plan on doing 150 to 250 miles a day—not bad in a vehicle with a top speed of 35 mph. Unlike Ford, they’ll be hitting a few museums on the way before winding up in San Francisco on August 18. I’ve pasted their itinerary in below, in case you’re on their route. You can also follow along on http://drivehistory.org/

August 1, 1915: Thomas C. Whitehead empties the
Ford Model T. Edsel's diary note: "Took one hour to
go first four miles up long steep hill. Had to remove
all superfluous weight from car such as cushions,
tent, baggage and tools.”
(Photo courtesy AACA Library/Historic Vehicle Association)
If you  were wondering, no, all seven travellers weren’t in the Model T. There were two other cars on the trip, a 1915 Stutz 6-F Touring and a 1915 Cadillac V8.

HVA Road Trip Century Schedule

July 16 - Dearborn, Michigan (preparation day at the historic departure point)
- Henry Ford Estate at Fair Lane
July 17 - Dearborn to Auburn, Indiana (departure)
- The Ford Product Development Truck and Car Show
July 18 - Auburn to Indianapolis
July 19 - Indianapolis to St. Louis
July 20 - St. Louis to Jefferson City, Missouri
July 21 - Jefferson City to Kansas City, Missouri
July 22 - Kansas City to McPherson, Kansas
July 23 - McPherson (rest and repair day at McPherson College)
July 24 - McPherson to Dodge City, Kansas
July 25 - Dodge City to La Junta, Colorado
July 26 - La Junta to Colorado Springs
July 27 - Colorado Springs (day trip to Pikes Peak summit)
July 28 - Colorado Springs to Trinidad, Colorado
July 29 - Trinidad to Las Vegas, New Mexico
July 30 - Las Vegas to Albuquerque
July 31 - Albuquerque (rest and repair with the Tin Lizzie Club)
August 1 - Albuquerque to Chambers, Arizona
August 2 - Chambers to Flagstaff
August 3 - Flagstaff to Grand Canyon National Park
August 4 - Grand Canyon to Kingman, Arizona
August 5 - Kingman to Ludlow, California
August 6 - Ludlow to Los Angeles
August 7 - Los Angeles (rest and repair day)
August 8 - Los Angeles to Pismo Beach, California
August 9 - Pismo Beach to Carmel-by-the-Sea
August 10 - Carmel-by-the-Sea (rest and repair day)
August 11 - Carmel-by-the-Sea welcome event at the Concours-on-Avenue
August 12 to 16 - HVA participation in Monterey Car Week
August 17 - Carmel-by-the-Sea to Palo Alto
August 18 - Palo Alto to San Francisco (arrival)
- Centennial of Panama-Pacific International Exposition

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