Thursday, November 19, 2015

Porsche Only Livestream Auction

Lot 18_Porsche 959, Orig. 8,294 km, Like New,
Model 1988_Starting price euro600,000
Got a press release recently from Auctionata, an online auction house. They’re not in my usual list of suspects, possibly because they’ve only been around since 2012 and tend to specialize in art, but the auction, set for December 12, does sound interesting. Up for grabs are 25 Porsches from 1965 to 1997, all said to be in “excellent condition.”

The sale will be broadcast live from the Prototyp car Museum in Hamburg, which, probably no coincidence, is currently running an exhibition on Porsches. Check out the museum webpage, they’ve got lots of great photos, and a car timeline.

The auction catalogue can be found HERE. There’s a link there if you wish to register to watch and/or participate in the auction. My personal favourite is the 1977 Porsche 935, orig.930 Turbo & Magirus Race Car Transporter, but with a starting price of 120,000 Euros, you can bet I won’t be bidding.

The list of vehicles sounds like a Porsche lover’s dream. They’re offering a 1989 Porsche 959, a 1970 911 ST, Group IV Special GT (one of only 10 built), an unrestored original condition 1975 911 Turbo 3.0, and one of the 30 year anniversary Porsche 911s (one of 911).

I see they do tend to run “car maker” only auctions. There’s one on December 8 for Mercedes-Benz, and they recently did a Ferrari only auction.

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