Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Back to Bob’s Antique & Classic Cars

1926 Ford Model T half ton delivery van
Photo by Kate Tompkins
Having more or less got caught up with my backlog of press releases, time to get back to Bob’s fabulous collection. Don’t know why I only have one shot of this 1926 Model T half ton delivery van, but I’m guessing it was stuck in a corner (there are a LOT of vehicles in a small space) and that was the best I could do. According to the information sheet next to it, this particular truck was the one that the Danbury Mint used to base their diecast Model T trucks on. I can’t find anything to confirm that, but here’s a webpage reviewing one of their 1925 Model T trucks (don’t seem to be any from 1926). I did get a tad distracted while searching for the 1926 Model T by this review of their 1964 Aston Martin DB5 Saloon – James Bond, 007 version diecast. Alas, discontinued. They don’t seem to be doing diecast cars at all at the moment.

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