Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ford and LEGO Release Speed Champions Sets

For the kid in all of us, Ford is working with LEGO
Speed Champions to bring the excitement of the
racetrack to your living room with first-ever F-150
Raptor, pictured, and Mustang LEGO sets. Sets will
be available for purchase March 1 in LEGO stores
and Toys 'R' Us stores nationwide. (Photo: Business Wire)
Two—well, actually three—new vehicles have been added to LEGO’s Speed Champions line. Little fans of the Ford Mustang and F-150 Raptor / Model A hot rod can now build their very own, complete with race day accessories. Actually, I know quite a few not so little fans who would love to get their hands on these. You can find them online at the LEGO store or check out your local Toys ‘R’ Us (yes, they are available in Canada).

The Mustang kit has 185 pieces, which include a race driver and a time board. When I looked online, it was priced at $17.99. The F-150 Raptor kit is bigger, at 664 pieces, and includes not only the F-150 but a Model A hot rod, crew, garage, trailer, and a Christmas tree for drag racing. I saw it priced at $49.99.

In fact, I would have had this posted already if I hadn’t been distracted by looking at the other kits available in the Speed Champions line. McLaren Mercedes Pit Stop, anyone? Of course, I’d have to borrow somebody’s kid to put it together.

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